Best Trail in Kingston for a Winter Walk

Best Trail in Kingston for a Winter Walk, OntarioRegardless of how much you might want to ignore the weather outside, Winter is here! And in spite of your aversion to snow, ice and temperature-related torment, it’s true that a lot of people actually enjoy this season. That’s right, there are those among us in Kingston who savour the opportunity to wrap themselves in 10 pounds of insulated gear and trudge through frozen hell in pursuit of exercise, winter wonderlands and hot chocolate. Many of whom purposefully venture out onto the snowy tundra in search of the best trail in Kingston for a winter walk.

Truthfully, as much as I pretend to hide indoors next to a roaring fire, I do a fair bit of walking outside during the snowy season. In fact, my daily commute includes a 20+ minute walk in whatever flurries and sidewalk conditions are present. And in spite of a year-round gym membership, I actually prefer to run outside in this weather, making fresh tracks on local trails. Considering all of the options to get some fresh air, tell us:

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Say what you will about this city, but there are some truly great trails for a winter walk in Kingston and on the outskirts. Lemoine Point, as an example, has various loops you can stroll along to take in the scenery, watch the birds and enjoy some peace and quite. Our family has made some pretty fond memories in recent years out at Little Cataraqui Conservation Area, where we pack a few warm treats to sip on as we make our way through the meandering paths. Of course, if you’re the type of person who enjoys cross country skiing and snow shoeing, you probably already know that Little Cat is a perfect destination for this sort of activity.

Do you fancy wintry walks surrounded by mother nature at this time of year? Did we miss your favourite local trail for taking a stroll? Show some love for the best trail in Kingston for a winter walk.

Photo credit to Naila Jinnah.

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