Best Slice of Pizza in Kingston

best slice of pizza in KingstonWhen that craving for delicious, cheesy pizza hits, there’s certainly no shortage of decent and standout local pizzerias to call upon.  But when that hankering is of the snack-sized variety, many of us struggle to justify ordering an entire pizza pie.  Sure, leftovers would be a nice treat to wake up to the next day, but our time, wallets and perhaps even our waistlines are all factors that influence mealtime decisions.  Luckily, the search for the best slice of pizza in Kingston doesn’t take too long, as most traditional pizza parlours are slinging tasty and affordable slices to satisfy smaller urges.

Walk into a typical pizzeria at any given time, and you’ll find a limited selection and quantity of slices temptingly spinning round and round on the magical pizza carousel at the counter.  Step right up, pick out a slice or two and walk away with triangular treasures that are ready for immediate consumption on paper plates.  From simple cheese to all-dressed, meat lovers and vegetarian, you can usually get in and out with your prize in well under a minute or two.

Admittedly, many of the city’s traditional pizzerias are long gone, which means that our options for finding the best slice of pizza in Kingston are similarly limited to a handful of pizza parlours.  And square slices? They’re hard to come by in this town! Considering the short list of attractive options, this week’s poll asks:

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What factors influence your top pick for the best slice of pizza in Kingston?  Is it essential that slices be re-heated prior to being served, or do you prefer the lukewarm temperature afforded by the glowing pizza carousel?  Are condiments such as Parmesan, chili peppers and green mystery spices necessary or sacrilege on the perfect slice?  Drop off your praise for your favourite pizzeria serving the best slice of pizza in Kingston below!

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8 thoughts on “Best Slice of Pizza in Kingston

  • Pan Chanco should not be on here unless you are going to include, Woodenheads, Atomica, the Grizzly Grill (all wood fired pizza places!) …IMHO

    • Sure it should. You can't grab a slice to go at Woodenheads etc. but you can at Pan Chancho.

  • I wouldn't have expected to see Pan Chancho on here but they have my vote! I work construction and look forward to downtown jobs when I can run over there to grab a slice of the meat pizza!

  • Someone in Kingston should try offerring a real vegan slice as many in larger cities are. Whether with Daiay or some sort of home made alternative. I bet it would do well, as long as the price premium wasn't too high.

  • Blasphemy time at the old pizza pickers ball =
    Check out Little Caesars medium 3-Meat Treat for $8.50, and ready in FIVE minutes.
    And I KNOW you’re ready to blast the chains, but check this particular one (AND particular pizza type) before you judge.
    It ROCKS! (And NO, I don’t work there :^)
    (PS= In Italy, NO thin crust pizza….some kinda North American gastreo-centric orgasm of fool-you-AGAIN bull!)

    • Nothing wrong with Little Caesars but we're looking at local pizzerias rather than chains. Also, we were just in Italy and ate tons of amazing thin crust pizza! It's likely a regional thing but there was a lot of it in Rome.

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