Best Park for a Picnic in Kingston

best park for a picnic in Kingston, Kingston, OntarioSummer is finally here, and that means it’s finally time for nibbling and sipping tasty treats in the glorious, great outdoors. While patios are a big draw for many, an equally popular and affordable alternative is picnicking. With so many outdoor gems available to us, finding the best park for a picnic in Kingston comes down to location and the sort of dining experience you’re hoping to achieve.

Speaking of experience, amenities such as play structures, splash pads and trees for playing hide and seek are essential when little ones with endless energy are in tow.  In fact, many would argue that the appeal of a park to kids is the most important detail for parents to consider, as it gives caregivers a reprieve from endless questions and rambunctiousness before and after a meal.  Of course when romance is in the air, something a little more private, with an extra special view is most desirable. With prime perches to watch boats go by, or take in the tranquility of mother nature under a shaded tree, there’s no shortage of spots to snuggle and picnic.  As for foodies and the more casual picnicking crew, the proximity of gourmet food trucks, public BBQs, or even a favorite takeout spot is a key ingredient.

With over 200 parks to choose from, we’ve narrowed down the list to what we think are the most loved locations to enjoy a picnic. Help us and other picnickers take it one step further by answering:

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From my extensive undercover research in the field, I’ve come to realize that the act of picnicking can be as fancy or simple as you want it to be. Some may simply take a brown bag down to the park at lunch just to get a change of scenery, while others may go into full-blown pro picnic mode, complete with a: blanket, basket, cutlery and a special meal prepared just for the occasion. Of course, I would be lying if I said that I have never spotted a couple enjoying a little sip of vino or sparkling something or other while picnicking. And (aside from the fact that it’s illegal) why shouldn’t they?

Truthfully friends, Kingston is a picnic-friendly community. Our parks are generally well kept, and set up with garbage and recycling to make sure your picnic adventure leaves nothing but a few crumbs behind. With so many special places to consider, take a moment to give a shout out below to the best park for a picnic in Kingston.

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