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Best Milkshake in Kingston, OntarioWarm, sunny days are finally within reach, and that means that many of us will soon be enjoying frozen treats to help us stay extra chill. Aside from passé ice cream, popular gelato and predictable iced coffees, people are increasingly going old school and ordering milkshakes. Topped with whipped cream and a cherry, made with any flavour of ice cream imaginable, and bursting with a staggering variety of sugary treats mixed in, just who serves the best milkshake in Kingston?

Truthfully, a really good milkshake doesn’t need to have a deep fried snickers bar or a snooty little ice cream cone popping out of the top. What makes a good milkshake boils down to two essential ingredients: milk and ice cream. And to be clear, that ice cream has to be really, really good ice cream! The sort of heavenly stuff they dish out at White Mountain, Slickers, Reid’s or Kawartha Dairy.  Friends, accept no substitute!

After you get the right ice cream, the ratio of milk to ice cream, and how vigorously it’s blended, can make or break a great shake. Too much ice cream and not enough milk or blending can leave you with huge ice cream chunks, which aren’t easy to slurp up through a straw. However, if you prefer enjoying your milkshake with a spoon, perhaps that’s your definition of perfection.  Conversely, too much milk and not enough ice cream or overzealous blending could give you the opposite result, a soupy mess. When we’re talking about the best milkshake in Kingston, it really comes down to your personal preference with respect to that ratio, and the blending time.

Whether your a sipper of the simple shake, or a sucker for the $10 gourmet variety, we want to know:

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For me, nothing beats the old fashioned chocolate milkshake.  I’ll pass on the cherry and whipped cream, and the unnecessary bits of crumbled cookies or chocolate bars mixed in.  Isn’t that what makes a blizzard?  I guess I’m more of a traditionalist that way.  If a milkshake is done right in the first place, it should be able to stand on it’s own, without needing to be dressed up with brownies, cheesecake and the like.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and a place for those things, much the same as there’s always room for a splash of wink wink to make mine a spiked shake.

Who gets your vote for serving up the best milkshake in Kingston?  What flavours do you prefer sipping the most, and what’s the most ridiculously delicious ingredient you absolutely cannot go without?

Photo credit to Jun Seita.

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