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Best Hot Chocolate in KingstonIt’s supposed to be that magical time of year when we bundle up, brave the cold, and venture outdoors for a leisurely skate, exhilarating toboggan ride, or brisk, wintry walk. While winter may be “letting us down”, the pursuit of fresh air, exercise and a rewarding treat at the end of it all, endures. Whether or not there’s snow on the ground or a risk of severe frostbite, our desire to indulge in a victorious and delicious cup of hot chocolate is a winter tradition that’s still going strong!  But where can you find the best hot chocolate in Kingston?

For starters, what makes the perfect batch of hot chocolate is entirely based on personal preference, and perhaps, your deeply rooted childhood memories. Some might reach for cups filled with traditional super-sweet cocoa powder pouches, and an abundance of marshmallows. These mugs runneth over with ‘mallows! It’s the sort of sugary sludge you’d expect to find at the community rink, or lovingly served by grandma. It’ll do just fine when you need to be warmed up, but it’s far from gourmet, which is the sort of thing discerning connoisseurs seek. Hot chocolate aficionados prefer cups that are bursting with exceptional dark chocolate, rich velvety cream, with hints of vanilla, sprinkles of cinnamon, and a perfectly toasted (or burnt) marshmallow that’s semi-submerged. Upgrade to whip cream, and a splash of (insert poison here) you’ve got yourself a party!

Considering the best of the best offerings in Kingston, thirsty sugar seekers need to know:

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Hot chocolate has come a long way since your first sip of that scalding packet of Carnation, which did permanent damage to the roof of your mouth. The introduction of new gourmet flavours including white Belgian chocolate, Nutella, cookies and cream and even hot chilies have changed the game for this traditional winter treat. As with most things, when executed properly, we don’t mind shelling out a bit more if the taste is worth it. In fact, many of the local options vying for the prestigious title of best hot chocolate in Kingston charge as much as $10 for their version.  Clearly, a hot chocolate craving that’s not kept in check can get pretty expensive rather quickly.

What’s ingredient makes or breaks the best hot chocolate? What’s the strangest addition that you can’t go without (don’t say orange) when it comes to hot chocolate? Better yet, where the heck do you find the best hot chocolate in Kingston?

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