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best fries in Kingston, OntarioThe best fries in Kingston may be served on the side, under a delicious layer of cheese curds and gravy or as the main course. They are so irresistible that even those with the strongest of willpower will bend to the familiar siren song: “do you want fries with that?”  In spite of their widespread popularity, fries have earned a bad wrap as the most sought after varieties are notoriously deep fried, laced with salt, or destined for a date with mayonnaise. Nevertheless, we all have our favorite fry indulgences that we simply cannot say no to. I’m talking about those crispy, golden, perfectly seasoned jewels, served at just the right temperature, with of without something to dip into or dump on top of.  Just what makes the perfect french fry, frites, chips or variation thereof?  More importantly:
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For the most part, this limited list focuses on local establishments who are committed to hand cutting their own fries in house, rather than opting for pre-made, frozen spuds.  That said, we’ve included at least one or two spots who defy this prerequisite because they’re simply too good to be left out as contenders for the best fries in Kingston.  Fry trucks have been overlooked on purpose, as their unique offerings deserve to be debated separately – we’ll get to that in the not too distant future.  Similarly waffle fries, wedges and shoestrings are also underrepresented or otherwise absent.  All that to say, where is your go-to place for fries in the city?  Profess your love for the maker(s) of the best fries in Kingston!

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