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splurge meal, fancy dinner, fine dining, Kingston, OntarioIt’s Friday night, and you’re in the mood to celebrate a promotion, pop the question, or mark one of those significant Game of Life milestones. On such occasions, only the best of the best restaurants in Kingston will suffice. I’m talking the sort of place with exceptional table service, a perfectly curated wine list, divine ambiance, and a menu that’s to die for. While Kingston has its fair share of really good places to dine, where do you end up on those truly special occasions for that once a year, or once in a blue moon, over the top, splurge meal?

Granted, an exceptional meal doesn’t necessarily need to be the most expensive one. However, when pondering local options for an over the top, fine dining experience, only a handful of restaurants in Kingston have menus with price points lofty enough to induce palpitations. These are the sort of places that demand reservations, which inspire you to get dressed up, and where you can easily drop two to three hundred clams on a swanky meal for two.

Put on your best fascinator and/or monocle, and answer the following:

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Is there really such a thing as a true fine dining establishment in Kingston? I suppose that depends on your definition of what constitutes fine dining. In comparison to other cities, we lack snooty places with $50 appetizers, valet parking, and strictly enforced dress codes (e.g. black tie). Even so, all of the options included in the poll have entrees around the $40 mark (note: the priciest menu option for each fine dining establishment is listed), and if you tack on even the most modestly priced bottles of wine, tip and tax, you’ll be well on your way to hitting 2 to 3 hundred bones before tacking on the appetizer and desert menus. It adds up!

Don’t get me wrong. A big time splurge meal is one of those things most of us really only dream of, and rarely afford ourselves. Moreover, paying more isn’t always worth it. But we shouldn’t feel guilty when celebrating special occasions with an extra special meal. Where do you go for that truly fine dining experience in Kingston? What pricey dish(es) does your top pick offer that would make Rich Uncle Pennybags blush?

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