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Best Butcher Shop in KingstonWith independent and family-run butchers feeling the squeeze caused by big name grocers, it’s getting harder and harder to find neighborhood butcher shops selling good quality, locally-sourced meat. Case in point, the closure of Block and Cleaver, and more recently the demise our beloved meat counter at John’s Deli. In spite of the shrinking number of options that exist in and around the city, the best butcher shop in Kingston isn’t that hard to find. You simply need to know what you’re looking for, and where to look!

Most will agree that finding the right butcher is akin to finding an exceptional barber/stylist or mechanic. Once you locate someone you trust, you’re likely to give them year’s of loyal business and endless referrals. Of course, with the soaring cost of groceries in recent years, meat is frequently seen as being a big ticket item that finds itself being consumed less and less, or off of shopping lists entirely. Accordingly, butchers big and small are increasingly pressured to offer exceptional value and attractive sales to sweeten the deal.  Butchers in Kingston are no exception.

With warmer weather on the horizon (I promise), many of us are dusting off the BBQ and getting our grill on. With factors including price, location, selection and general awesomeness in mind, give us your recommendation:

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John’s Deli used to be our go-to spot for meat and odds and ends, as it was conveniently located near our former digs. Years latest, after moving further downtown, it remained our primary source for meat as their prices were always competitive, and the staff were quick to offer tips on everything from preparing ribs, to slow roasting the holiday turkey. The butcher at the counter was also quick to advise where their meat was coming from, allowing customers to make decisions that aligned with personally held values. With the loss of John’s, I’ve had to venture out of my comfort zone this BBQ season and try other places on for size. While I’ve sampled a few offerings from some of those included in this week’s poll, I’m admittedly still searching for the best butcher shop in Kingston.  Maybe you can help guide me, and others in similar predicaments? Drop off some love below to your favorite butcher in ygk, the best butcher shop in Kingston and their best cuts.

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