Best Birthday Cake in Kingston

best birthday cake in kingstonFor most people, the perfect birthday consists of three essential elements: time spent with loved ones, a nice gift or two, and a generous slice of cake. With Kingstonist’s ninth birthday coming up this week, this got us thinking about who makes the best birthday cake in Kingston. Similar to our quest to find the city’s best slice of pie, the local options for cake are somewhat limited, while what constitutes the best is entirely dependent upon personal preference. For instance, while I prefer blowing out candles on a homemade chocolate chiffon, my wife’s choice is a particular brand of store-bought ice cream cake, whereas my mom craves the simple yet delicious rice crispy square “money cake”. This small sample shows that what constitutes birthday cake is often anything but what is normally defined as traditional cake. As long as you can stick a candle in it, who cares if it’s actual cake?

Having said that, for the purposes of crowning the best birthday cake in Kingston, we’re going to establish some reasonable specifications pertaining to the options included in this week’s poll. Simply put the “products” must be cake, but beyond that, it really doesn’t matter if it’s batter or ice cream-based, frosted or encrusted. Pies, tarts, cookies, doughnuts, and so on are excluded, albeit they would certainly make a tasty base for a birthday candle. Considering all of the local options, big bakeries and small, this week’s poll asks:

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Although there may not be a large quantity of local bakeries specializing in birthday cakes, the quality and creativity of the places churning out decadent cakes are sure to give you a sugar high.  Whether you’re a stickler for traditional birthday cakes, or a rebel who would go so far as to put a candle in a cupcake, we want to know who bakes up your favorite birthday cake in Kingston!  Share some love for your favourite local masters of marzipan, pipping pros, or gurus of ganache with a comment below.

Photo credit to Richard Beech.

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