Best Beer Selection in Kingston

Best Beer Selection in KingstonStep foot inside almost any hip restaurant or bar in Kingston nowadays, and one of the first things you’ll spot on the trendy chalkboard or traditional printed menu is their beer selection. These lists boast local craft brews as well as hard to find imported varieties that suit almost any taste. From pints of Stone City Ale‘s much loved Ship’s in the Night, to Amsterdam Brewery’s Boneshaker and the pride of Ottawa Valley’s Beau’s Lug Tread, you can find it all in Kingston. As we set out search for the best beer selection in Kingston, we want to know:

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How does one determine who has the best beer selection? Is it the number of really, really good lagers, saisons, stouts, IPAs and specialty craft brews on tap? Sure, but what about the mix of local, regional and imported beer being poured from the bar? While these may be also good and obvious indicators, the frequency in which beer on tap changes over is equally as important. Furthermore, the coveted “featured tap” recommended by many-a-server, is equally as important, as it suggests a true, ringing endorsement from the establishment to any and all patrons looking to wet their whistle. With so many factors to consider, how can we possibly tap this keg of sweet golden nectar?

Perhaps the best place to start is to with our favourites. For me, I can’t turn down an opportunity to sample Stone City’s Uncharted IPA. However, when winter finally arrives, my taste buds cross over into stout territory, where I’m inclined to sip on smooth beers with chocolaty and coffee tasting notes. There is truly a beer for every season!

Well known haunts such as The Brooklyn and Alibi keep things interesting, which in turn keeps thirsty customers coming back time and again. And restaurants such as Harper’s and Woodenheads have you equally as covered in terms of beer selection to compliment your meal. Consequently these are but a few of the best spots to sip, sample and savour beer in Kingston. Give a shout out to your go-to place for best beer selection in Kingston with a comment below.

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