A Student Representative at City Hall

The first week of classes have ended for most post secondary students returning to the city. With classes underway, Kingston’s downtown core has been busier than the recent tourist-filled summer months. Students play an important role within the city. As volunteers, students help contribute to a host of positive programs

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Signalling Change Towards Legalization

The legalization of marijuana has been a contentious issue within North American politics for decades. Opponents to marijuana’s legalization argue that the drug has addictive qualities and that it encourages users to explore other illicit substances. Proponents to its legalization argue that a controlled oversight over the drug would ensure

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Supporters Rally Against Line 9 Reversal

Canada’s economic viability has long been premised on the extraction and exportation of raw natural resources. Beginning with the fur trade and expanding to the diverse mineral resources that exist across the country, their ability to be a sustainable economic venture has long been a point of contentious debate. Despite

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