Author: Meg Lyons

Tango Nuevo

Last year it seemed our local food joints lining our downtown core were closing faster than they were coming in.  This left some Kingstonians a tad concerned when franchises, in particular Milestones and Jack Astor’s, moved in and started eating up the potential of our independent restaurants.  In a town

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For Rent

Stroll down Clarence Street on any given Friday night and know you are passing into a local hotspot and native entertainment history as you close in on Classic Video. The two-level rental store is nothing short of amazing with its endless shelves of flicks and new releases of every genre

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Dangerous Corner

It is noticeable Kingston endures mass road construction throughout the summer months that offer obstacles for drivers, causing quite the ruffle in our busy downtown turmoil. Personally, the road blocks haven’t affected me nearly as much as a particular downtown intersection that practically begs for attention due to the hazard

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Liquid Nutrition

Liquid Nutrition is permanently closed. Looking for a place that’s still open? Check out our restaurant reviews and recommendations for establishments that are still open and serving great food in Kingston. As we get deeper into the hotter weather and pant down the downtown streets, nothing is more appealing than

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Vegan Friendly

Downtown Kingston is the place to be this summer, overflowing with only the hottest patios, swaying with live music and jam-packed with food galore. Our inviting hub seems to have something for everyone, whether you’re a dedicated locavore and craving only the freshest ingredients, in the mood for some savoury

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