Best of 2015: La Hacienda

La Hacienda has been an excellent addition to downtown Kingston’s incredible restaurant selection.  Kingstonian’s cries for authentic Mexican food were answered when this new establishment took up shop at Princess, near Clergy.  Since its opening in 2014, the buzz has escalated and it’s a rarity to walk by and not

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La Hacienda

When asked “what type of cuisine was lacking in the Limestone City?” my answer had long been real South/Central American food. Many of my friends agreed. Yes, there is the famous after-bar stop El Asador serving up everything from burritos to fajitas to curries and Indian breads in The Hub.

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Solutions for “Foodies-who-can’t-cook”

I think it’s fair to say that, in the last decade, food culture has exploded. While an appreciation for delicious food has always existed, with the proliferation of dining establishments, food bloggers, programs, and even networks entirely dedicated to showcasing food, culinary hedonism is now accessible to the masses 24/7.

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