Best of 2011: Six Questions for Steven Heighton

In the wake of Writers Fest, our readers were treated to numerous interviews with the likes of Michael Lista, Sarah Tsiang, Diane Schoemperlen and of course, Steven Heighton.  As luck would have it, many folks interested in Heighton’s work were attracted to our interview, which went on to record a

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Six Questions for Sleuth Bears

Sleuth Bears, a local, new-millenium grunge band is launching their début CD tonight at the Mansion, Parochial Youth. Meeting with vocalist/guitarist Neven Lockhead at The Brew Pub last night, I enjoyed a conversation riddled with artistic puns, music, and pop culture. This band is led by true artists, some Queen’s

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The Delta Highway Experience

Weekends frequently pass like molasses for most teens in Kingston. As a local teen, I understand that there are an outstanding number of events publicized via Facebook now-a-days, hence there is no excuse to miss extravaganzas such as the Limestone City Blues Festival. This past weekend, I ventured downtown to

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