Guide to St. Pat’s in Kingston in 2010

I know this incredible weather has some people a little out of sorts and confused, and then we throw in the time change and it’s like we’ve skipped ahead two months, but rest assured, we haven’t and tomorrow is in fact St. Patrick’s Day.  For me, St. Patty’s has always

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Kingston’s Broadway Hero Comes Home

“David Rogers is one of Canada’s leading musical theatre talents. He has starred in major productions ranging from Broadway revues to mega-musicals and from operetta to rock opera.  His one-man show, Broadway Heroes -The Great Leading Men,  has played many theatre venues across Canada to critical acclaim and is now

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Your Kid’s Not That Cute

I am soooo tired of hearing about homecoming at Queen’s. I’m not even in Kingston right now and yet it’s still a topic of conversation everywhere I go. The Globe and Mail had a story on Queen’s Homecoming just two days ago (complete with a map showing out-of-towners where exactly

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