Author: Duke Smythe

City Landmarks Vol VII

When it comes to famous Kingstonians, there is one name that is often cited at the top of everyone’s list.  There’s certainly good reason for this gentleman’s widespread notoriety, as his tremendous contributions to Canada earned him everlasting commemoration in Kingston in the form of numerous historical plaques, a statue

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City Landmarks Vol VI

The Limestone City’s waterfront has a storied past, as it served as a strategic shipbuilding centre, and provided the backdrop for the tale of the Herchmer ghost.  But that’s just scratching the surface.  Today we’re advancing our exploration of Kingston’s historical shores by sailing back in time to recount the

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City Landmarks Vol III

I’m back with the third installment of my mini history lesson, helping you to better understand the city we live in. Steps away from the controversial LVEC site, is a small, zigzagging strip of crumbling limestone, which looks like the remains of an ancient civilization. This structure “may” be part

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