Video Advertisements

Kingstonist has the new all-in-one tool that advertisers have been asking for. We now shoot, edit, and distribute custom videos that really grab attention! Our production team is committed to bringing your vision to fruition through a collaborative planning and execution process.

“Video advertisements have the best engagement and highest retention of any form of paid media.”

Harvard Business Review

Our numbers don’t lie

  • Nearly 100 Kingston businesses reached their customers using our banner ads services last year
  • 750,000+ page views per month
  • 250,000+ unique visitors per month

How it works

Success Story

Deskhouse Study Club, came to us seeking a last minute promotional video for their study club before the school year kicked off. The Kingstonist planned, executed, and distributed a video in less than 2 weeks and created 300,000 brand impressions in less than 7 days.


15 second video + 1 week distribution : $500

15 second video + 1 month distribtution : $1,200

30 second video + 1 month distribution : $2,000

60 second video + 1 month distribution: $3,000

90 second video + 1 month distribution: $4,000

Feature Business Profile + 3 month distribution: $12,500

Included in each package are 2 video revisions and 1 months worth of video rotation to’s 750,000+ monthly viewers. We highly encourage businesses to use new videos every month to keep their content fresh. If you wish to continue advertising with the original video(s), distribution costs will be 50% of the original price per month.


We understand that every business is different, which is why we customize your very own video package and distribution plan to target your customers with high quality video and sound at a price you can afford. Already have a video advertisement? We’d be happy to promote it for you as well. Are you new to video advertisements? Don’t worry, our team is here to help.

Let Kingstonist build your tailored video ad campaign, book a meeting with our team today!

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