Top Five Things to See and Do in Fall 2012


Fall is without a doubt my favorite season, next to Summer that is. Autumn perfectly stimulates all of the senses: the gorgeous sight of colourful trees, the delicious taste of fresh apple pie, the familiar smell of rotting zombies, the sound of snow crunching beneath my feet and the cozy feel of fleece on a […]

Guide to the Wolfe Island Music Festival


Glancing over at the quiet behemoths dancing in the wind, the average person would never suspect that big things are about to go down on Wolfe Island.  This weekend marks the annual Wolfe Island Music Festival, which will attract an energetic mix of loyal Kingstonians, out-of-town spectators as well as talented performers.  The festival has […]

Top Five Things to See and Do in Summer 2012


In the wake of the last day of school, the end of highschool exams and Canada Day festivities, few would argue that Summer has yet to arrive. The smell of campfires, booming sound of fireworks and welcome relief of a mid-day sun shower forge unbreakable memories that help keep us cozy during those blizzard-filled months. […]

Top Five Things to See and Do in Fall 2011


It’s that magical time year where we rhyme off our top five most anticipated community, cultural social and entertainment calendar highlights over the next three months. With Thanksgiving, Halloween and the silly season all fast approaching, here’s what we plan on slowing down to check out! Wolfe Island Corn Maze, September-October: This year’s design features […]

Guide to the Wolfe Island Music Festival


While the long weekend was jam packed with events such as the Promenade and K-Town Tri, this coming weekend is equally as busy, specifically for those who will be making the annual pilgrimage to the Wolfe Island Music Festival.  This year’s  2-day festival includes a solid mix of local and imported talent.  Familiar faces taking […]

What Tourists Say About Kingston


Late last month, Star columnist Adrian Brijbassi visited various destinations in Limestone City, which he highlighted in an article titled: Perfect Weekend in Kingston: Markets, history and relaxation.  Brijbassi paid Kingston some very kind compliments, as he remarked that our city is “stocked with credible restaurants…unique experiences that are educational, reasonably priced and easy to […]

Weekly Poll: The Year That Was


While there are three weeks remaining in 2010, for the most part, the big news stories and issues that shaped the year have already passed.  In the year MMX, Harvey Rosen handed over the gavel to Mark Gerretsen, the 35 year old son of a former Mayor and current MPP, John Gerretsen.  Kingston and the […]

Weekly Poll: A Bridge to Wolfe Island


Thinking back on my wonder years, I can vividly recall family outings to Cape Vincent, New York, which involved two ferry rides and a short cross country jaunt across Wolfe Island.  It’s been years since my last trip to Cape Vincent, however on occasion, we still board the Wolfe Islander III and take the scenic […]

Guide to the Wolfe Island Music Festival


It’s getting to be about that time of summer. This weekend, the annual Wolfe Island Music Festival will play host to nearly twenty of Canada’s most talented indie music acts.  From the sensational Shadrach Kabango to The Sadies, Diamond Rings and Weakerthans, this year’s festival offers something for everyone!  So get your tickets in advance, […]