Dangerous Corner


It is noticeable Kingston endures mass road construction throughout the summer months that offer obstacles for drivers, causing quite the ruffle in our busy downtown turmoil. Personally, the road blocks haven’t affected me nearly as much as a particular downtown intersection that practically begs for attention due to the hazard it presents to drivers daily. […]

Weekly Poll: Improving the LaSalle Causeway Schedule


While idling on the LaSalle Causeway for what feels like the hundredth time this summer, I started wondering why on earth our lift bridge isn’t scheduled.  It seems that people getting to and from work and school should be a priority over people who are on a boating vacation.  I decided to look it up […]

City Celebrates Opening Of First Single-Lane Roundabout


The recently-completed extension of Centennial Drive joins the popular thoroughfare with the newly constructed Venture Drive with the City’s first single-lane roundabout. It is a feature of the 1.5km roadway construction project to service 75 acres of large, prime industrial lots for an expansion to the City’s Business Park. More than half of the funding […]

Weekly Poll: Battling Single Occupancy Vehicles


With construction season about to pick up steam, the closure of major arterial routes such as Division Street will undoubtedly put addition strain on alternate avenues throughout the city. This will result in some additional headaches for drivers, however our local commuter woes still pale in comparison to larger centres. The traffic problems in the […]

Best of 2009 (Part 3 of 5)


In part one of Kingstonist’s Best of 2009 review, we focused on our city streets and their newfound fame thanks to Google Street View.  Yesterday’s pick was also related to transportation, as it concentrated on closing down city streets to make them pedestrian friendly.  In light of our selections thus far, I suppose it should […]