Best of 2013: Casino in Kingston


Kingstonist is all about getting the community talking about anything and everything Kingston related.  Our Community Soapbox offers an opportunity for readers to air their opinions, grievances and praise about the topic of their choice.  The possible addition of a casino to Kingston has been, and continues to be, a hot topic here on Kingstonist, […]

Community Soapbox: Casino in Kingston


The Process Recently there has been a lot of discussion around a possible gaming facility and a referendum in Kingston. I want to take this opportunity to speak directly to residents about my views and our collective challenges and opportunities. I want to first apologize for my recent comments on social media around the issue […]

Hall Monitor: Speed Test


Last night, we all met back at Council Chamber for our regular council meeting – this time with even more of the new tech on trial. As always, the agenda and addeds are available on the city website. Council did a whole lot of… very little, really. We opened with a Diamond Jubilee medal presentation […]

Hall Monitor: Goes Back To School


Last night, city council took to the off-site, not-quite-a-horseshoe, for another one of our council meeting road trips. This time, we met in the large Davies Hall at the local St. Lawrence College campus. As always, the agenda and addeds are available on the city website. For what seemed like a short agenda, especially once […]

Hall Monitor: Waterfront Respite


Last night, our city council got together for a bit of a different kind of meeting – one where the jackets came off, and the shorts and tees were the order of the day. They met as committee of the whole, meaning some of the rules were a little more lax than normal – in […]

Hall Monitor: Bridging the Gap


Once again, our elected officials took to the halls of city hall, this time  for meeting 14-2012 of Kingston City Council. You can find the agenda and addeds from last night on the city’s website. Is it just me, or are council meetings getting more exciting as they get longer and closer to summer? Last […]

Public Invited To Third Crossing Open House


The Environmental Assessment (EA) examining a potential Third Crossing over the Cataraqui River is nearing completion and the City is inviting residents to attend an open house for a presentation showing the progress on this significant project. The Third Crossing Public Information Centre (PIC) Open House is set for 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on […]

Best of 2011: Sustainability and the Third Crossing


We’re always amazed by the op-ed submissions that end up in our inbox, while one of the best of 2011 came from Alan Foljambe. He wrote about peak oil, commuter culture and their relation to the proposed third crossing over the Cataraqui River. Alan articulately argued that the third crossing is a non-starter for a […]

What if Kingston…


Over the past few months we’ve watched numerous developments take shape such as bike lanes and the Montreal Street Park and Ride, while we’ve also learned of priority projects including long overdue lane extensions and the third crossing. While these initiatives are similar as they relate to how we move about the Limestone City, they’re […]

Hall Monitor: A Capital Plan!


This is the first of a series looking at our city council’s strategic planning sessions and the resulting document. At the time of this writing, neither the final draft nor the final strategic plan have been presented or approved by council. The information below is based on observations and drafts made available at the time […]