Best of 2014: In Pursuit of Memorial Collegiate High School


The impending closure of KCVI and the fight to stop it have been hot topics in YGK for a couple of years now.  The discussion surrounding the closure of Ontario’s oldest public high school has been met with many opinions and varying ideas of what to do next.  While many support the idea of a […]

Weekly Poll: Strong Liberal Support in Pre-Election Poll


Since the election was called, our household has received nearly half a dozen phone calls from campaign offices looking to shore up support for local candidates, as well as from pollsters surveying how the vote might go down in ridings such as Kingston and the Islands.  The results of one such poll, conducted by Abacus […]

Weekly Poll: Election Annoyances


It’s election time in Ontario (in case you somehow missed it) and while I am grateful to live in a democratic society and enjoy a good political debate from time to time, this election has felt like more of a nuisance than anything else.  It’s spring and there are so many things I’d rather be […]

‘Move on’ says Kiwala, while Holland and Kiley Continue Support to Save Schools


The Kingston community should ‘move on’ and accept the provincial decision to close KCVI and QECVI, says Sophie Kiwala, Liberal candidate for Kingston and the Islands. Kiwala’s remarks in a recent CFRC radio interview indicate that the candidate has changed her position on the schools issue. Originally a supporter of the Save Our Schools campaign, […]

Questions for Kingston’s MPP Hopefuls


Last week, I asked our readers:  if they had to vote today, which provincial candidate/party would they support?  The poll resulted in a generous outpouring of support for Kingston’s local NDP candidate, who received 62 percent of the total votes cast.  The Liberal party ended up in distant second, while the remainder of the parties and candidates netted […]

Weekly Poll: Kingston’s Next Member of Provincial Parliament


Last Friday, Kingston and the Islands, along with the rest of Ontario, learned that their next date at the polls would fall on the 12th of June.  The surprise announcement came after NDP Leader, Andrea Horwath, declared her party’s opposition to the budget (view it here) proposed by the Liberals.  Horwath specifically stated: This budget […]

Weekly Poll: In Pursuit of Memorial Collegiate High School


With last Monday’s announcement that the Ministry of Education would provide $35 million to construct a consolidated secondary school in Kingston, one would think that supporters of the province’s oldest public school, Kingston Collegiate & Vocational Institute, might have been dealt a final, crushing blow.  As we’ve seen during the one-and-a-half-year-long campaign to ‘Save Our Schools’, […]

Weekly Poll: The Year That Was


With just over two weeks remaining until the arrival of 2014, it’s time for a quick look at the headlines and news stories that shaped the past year for Kingstonians. The city dove headfirst into 2013 with a debate regarding electoral boundaries and student voters that was eventually settled by the OMB, and followed by […]

Weekly Poll: John Gerretsen Retires from Politics


John Gerretsen‘s lengthy political career began in 1972 when he was first elected as an Alderman for the Limestone City.  He went on to serve as Mayor of Kingston for three consecutive terms before finally stepping off of the municipal stage in 1988.  After taking a brief break from politics to practice law, he earned […]

Weekly Poll: Honouring the Tragically Hip


Kingston is a city unlike any other, and yet similar to other urban centres our streets remind us of our rich and humble history. I’m not referring to the trademark limestone structures, monumental landmarks, gorgeous parks or longstanding commercial fixtures, rather the names of our well travelled streets, boulevards and avenues also serve as a […]