Downtown Kingston is home to numerous dining establishments who devote their entire menus to one type of food or another. From gourmet burger bistros such as The Works and Harper’s, to delicious poutineries including Smoke’s and divine pizzerias such as Woodenheads and Atomica, there is no shortage of specialty restos to satisfy your specialty craving. […]

The Works


Nearly one year ago, I wrote about an epic battle that was shaping up in downtown Kingston, whereby a handful of new burger and poutine joints had emerged to tantalize your taste buds.  While Harper’s, Smoke’s and Five Guys have succeeded thus far, casualties of the burger/poutine war include The Poutine Place as well as […]

Top 10 of 2010: The Burger/Poutine Wars


Over the next two weeks, Kingstonist will be counting down our top 10 posts from 2010. The list includes a diverse mix of topics that are near and dear to the hear’s of our volunteer contributors. Rest assured, we’re already working on some interesting stories for 2011, but we’re suckers for retrospective top ten lists. […]

Harper’s Burger Bar


Kingstonian’s taste buds and arteries have been on stand by since we announced that four new burger, fry and poutine purveyors would be opening up this Fall.  While Smoke’s Poutinerie was the first horse out of the gate, we had to wait until mid-October for Harper’s Burger Bar to open their doors and drop their […]

Weekly Poll: The Burger/Poutine Wars


The vacancies along Princess Street seem to be clearing up lately, and so goes the ebb and flow of prosperity for small businesses. Within the restaurant sector, the past few years have been dominated by a flurry of new sushi spots. From Sushi Ya to Asha, Sima, Ta-ke and all the rest, downtown Kingston is […]

What if Kingston…


Today’s “What if Kingston” question was sparked by a conversation I had last night with a friend who’s a violinist, professional riverboat gambler, and nomadic traveler…let’s call him Geoff. Geoff is currently taking up refuge in a HoJo on the outskirts of Tampa Bay, as he makes his way down the eastern seaboard, across the […]