Weekly Poll: The Year That Was


With just over two weeks remaining until the arrival of 2014, it’s time for a quick look at the headlines and news stories that shaped the past year for Kingstonians. The city dove headfirst into 2013 with a debate regarding electoral boundaries and student voters that was eventually settled by the OMB, and followed by […]

Weekly Poll: Restoring Order to Queen’s Homecoming Celebrations


Four years ago, Queen’s University decided to take a break from traditional Homecoming celebrations due to excessive partying – specifically the well-known, alcohol-fueled takeover of Aberdeen Street.  Subsequently, the focus of Homecoming appropriately shifted on the Alumni, while subdued celebrations took place in May, when a majority of the student population had already departed the […]

Weekly Poll: Reading Week


For those who are sinking in assignments, on their last nerve as a result of midterms or otherwise experiencing a bout of the seasonal blues, rest assured that you only have one week to go. At the close of business on Friday, Kingston’s post-secondary students will be afforded an opportunity to catch up studies, sleep, […]

Friday Foto


Yum!  This week was delicious, wasn’t it?  Our unintentional focus on food has given us some ideas for possible future theme weeks…stay posted. So, we all survived the first week back and it looks like we’re going to be rewarded for our hard work with some gorgeous weather.  Hopefully this won’t result in too much […]

Kingston’s Other Homecoming


When you hear the words Kingston and Homecoming used in the same sentence, it’s hard not to associate Queen’s University students, chaos on Aberdeen Street, and the Kingston City Police.  Now that our first successful Fauxcoming is behind us, it’s time to focus on Kingston’s other Homecoming celebration, commonly referred to as Reunion Weekend.  For […]

Friday Foto


Every city has a seedy, wart infested underbelly of ugly issues that are capable of dividing and disgusting the local population.  For Kingston, a short list includes the ongoing third crossing saga, Block D development, K-Rock Centre location/finances/naming rights/etc, dog parks, bike lanes and waterfront paths, and the grand daddy of them all, Aberdeen.  The […]

Top 5 Posts from 2008


Although this may instantaneously get lost in the sea of ‘Best of…’ and ‘Top 10’ lists from 2008, it’s that time of year where the Kingstonist team is reflecting on our latest trip around the sun. As Kingstonist gears up to celebrate its first birthday in less than two months from now, today’s post features […]



After years of debauchery and wreckage, Queen’s has finally stepped up to do something about the giant Aberdeen party that has occurred every Homecoming weekend since 2005. In case you’re new or you’ve just been out of the country (yes, this made national headlines) for the last four years, Queen’s students and their friends from […]

You’ll Have a Gael, Old Time


Let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the positive aspects of Queen’s Homecoming. The men and women in law enforcement, as well as University and community volunteers did a fine job ensuring that the illegal Aberdeen street party was as safe as humanly possible. There were no burning cars, a significantly reduced amount […]

Your Kid’s Not That Cute


I am soooo tired of hearing about homecoming at Queen’s. I’m not even in Kingston right now and yet it’s still a topic of conversation everywhere I go. The Globe and Mail had a story on Queen’s Homecoming just two days ago (complete with a map showing out-of-towners where exactly to go to find the […]