Kingston’s Next Member of Provincial Parliament

Member of Provincial Parliament, MPP, John Gerretsen, City of KingstonHere we go again. It seems as though it was just yesterday when we the few, flocked to the polling stations to elect a new Member of Parliament, and Mayor of Kingston. Next up is Ontario’s big election showdown, which takes place on October 6th. One factor that sets this election apart from other recent trips to the polls is that Kingston has a long standing incumbent vying for re-election.  MPP Gerretsen’s support during the 2007 campaign was decidedly strong, as the local Liberal representative better than doubled the number of votes received by the first runner up, PC candidate.  Can he bank on  that same overwhelming level of support in 2011?  With the seat up for grabs, this week’s poll asks:

If you had to vote today, which provincial candidate/party would you support?

  • John Gerretsen (Liberal) (50%, 110 Votes)
  • Mary Rita Holland (NDP) (34%, 75 Votes)
  • Rodger James (PC) (10%, 22 Votes)
  • Robert Kiley (Green) (5%, 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 219

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There are a lot of promises and proposals being brought to the table by Provincial party leaders, so much so that it’s been difficult to sift through the noise and pinpoint a single issue that matters to local voters.  Thus far Gerretsen, James, Holland and Kiley haven’t made too many headlines or provided any real fodder for debate, and while it may be a bit premature for fireworks, I’m really looking forward to discussions centred around heath care, energy costs and job creation.  Rest assured, Kingstonist will be doing our best to once again connect with local MPP candidates and their teams to get to know them better, and ask some tough questions.  If you’ve got a specific topic you’d like our local hopefuls to address, please feel free to jot it down via a comment or two.  We can’t promise that each and every suggestion will make it’s way into the final set of questions, but we’ll do our best to pose a broad range of queries to help you make the big decision come October 6th.

Thanks to k-ideas for today’s photo of a vote mob!


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