Hall Monitor: Big Things Coming Down the Pipe

Kingston City Council Meetings, #ygkcLast night, city council, staff and members of the public trekked back over the bridge – this time to Currie Hall at RMC – for what should be our last in the series of off-site meetings. As one might expect, the agenda and addeds are available on the city website.

Following a very fancy, rather formal entrance (with a bagpiper), we started the agenda with a briefing and a long Q&A session with the representatives from Enbridge about the reversal of the nearby oil pipeline. The motion itself was passed last week, but the Enbridge staff wasn’t around to field questions, so they got a change last night, answering questions on everything from costs to maintenance to lessons from past spills. We also had briefings over the course of the evening from the CAO on the Q4 strategic plan update, from Commissioner Hurdle (Winner of the ‘Shortest Briefing at Budget Time’ award) on funding changes to child care.

So far as actions, council passed a lot of items to staff, such as the acceptance of the Mayor’s Task Force on Development Report (the task force itself has now completed it’s mandate and has been dissolved), a referral of the report on how to create an age-friendly city (Which also disbands the Seniors Advisory Committee) to staff for possible implementation, an increased budget for the Artillery Park renovations (they’re now at 13 million) and started the process to rename the stretches of Highways 2, 15 and 38 that are within the city with proper names. A busy night – but we were out on time.. and with 9 minutes to spare.

As we wrap up the road trip – my personal thanks to the host venues for accommodating us, and particularly to those who adapted on the fly to some late (and occasionally odd) requests. While I’ve certainly enjoyed the time touring the city – I’ll admit, I’m looking forward to being back in chambers. Some experiments with the stream drained battery life, so tweets towards the end are a little sparse, but the full stream is below. Our next meeting is back at City Hall on February 5th.

  • 7:07 PM: As set up as I’m going to be… We’ll see if the stream co-operates at 7:25 or so. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:22 PM: Only Coun. Downes at the big table so far, item on the closed agenda is LDSB-related, which he would be in conflict of. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:24 PM: Alright – let’s see if this stream holds up. Fancy new effects and everything ready… and then no wifi. My luck. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:26 PM: A pre-stream reminder, audio will be coming from the webcam, not the microphones. We’ll be back to mics when we’re back home. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:30 PM: Council has taken their seats. Escorted in this evening by bagpipe. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:31 PM: Council rises from closed session with no reports, we move to confirming the handful of addeds, whic pass. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:32 PM: Stream is online, with new effects, for now: http://t.co/8diLs9B8
  • 7:33 PM: Coun. Downes formally declares his conflict from the closed session, and we move to remarks from @MayorOfKingston. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:34 PM: We move to a presentation from @MayorOfKingston to RMC as a thanks for hosting council tonight. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:38 PM: We’re hearing from representatives of RMC, discussing the historic room that we’re seated in this evening. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:40 PM: Read all about Currie Hall, council’s home this evening, on Wikipedia: http://t.co/J0oug9ac #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:41 PM: @MayorOfKingston extends his thanks to the Clerk’s office for the hard work in moving meetings around the city. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:43 PM: @MayorOfKingston comments on lengths of the Commissioner speech lengths during budget time. Shortest time award to Comm. Hurdle. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:46 PM: We’re hearing from Ken Hall from Enbridge Pipelines Inc on the direction flow reversal of the nearby pipeline. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:54 PM: The pipeline currently takes oil (both local and foreign) from the east and pumps it west. The flip would keep more oil in Canada. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:55 PM: Enbridge has met with communities, 1st nations, towns, cities and homeowners along the pipeline. First half was approved in 2012. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:56 PM: Enbridge is expecting the hearing for this phase later this year. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:57 PM: We move into Q&A, starting with the Councillor whose district the pipeline crosses, Coun. Scott. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:58 PM: Coun. Scott is asking about an ad Enbridge ran with a pipe photo, and compares it to another photo of a local pipe run in a paper. #ygkc ^TV
  • 7:59 PM: Enbridge says the ad is to help with branding; comments on the Glenburnie pipe that they do monitor growth and grooming regularly. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:01 PM: Coun. Scott asks about what specifically Enbridge has learned specifically from the Kalamazoo spill. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:02 PM: Enbridge says that hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on training and upgrades and a brand new control center. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:03 PM: Adds that they have covered all costs and their staff remains in the community and will stay there until it’s clean. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:05 PM: @JimNeill3 asks about costs for third party damage. Enbridge says that the third party would need to pay if it was their fault. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:08 PM: Question from Coun. George about the shutoff valves near the city – curious about the locations and oil quantities. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:10 PM: Enbridge says that there’s a pair of valves in the city area – any concerns that are raised trigger a shutdown within 3 minutes. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:12 PM: Coun. Downes asks about insurance and costs. Enbridge re-states that they have insurance and always pays for incident costs. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:16 PM: Coun. Osanic asks about the lifespan of pipeline. Enbridge says that it’s already 40 years old, but well maintained can last 100s. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:18 PM: Coun. Osanic asks about the MI spill, wants to know the cause. Enbridge says the report is final, cause was external corrosion. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:19 PM: @DorothyAHector asks about preventative maintenance. Compares to tree roots that grow in sewers. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:20 PM: Enbridge flies over the line every other week, hears from the public, and has other technological means to prevent corrosion. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:22 PM: Enbridge rep adds that there are tools that they use to inspect wall thickness and condition and routine digs for prev. repairs. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:24 PM: @DorothyAHector follows-up about the water pipes. Enbridge says they’re designed thicker, but the same procedures are used. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:25 PM: Enbridge adds that routine inspections including divers every few years are conducted to inspect the crossing. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:27 PM: Coun. Hutchison asking about the past use and planned use of the pipeline. Enbridge says it will prim. be light crude oil. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:32 PM: Coun. Hutchison asks abt the reported 800 spills. Enbridge says that very few would be “large” spills. Some are as small as a tsp. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:32 PM: Coun. Schell asks about how people can contact Enbridge. Enbridge says they meet with all landowners every 3 years. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:34 PM: Coun. Schell asks about potential problems with a flow reversal. Enbridge says there “isn’t a significant difference”. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:35 PM: Q&A wraps up. We move on, past petitions and into the rest of the agenda. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:36 PM: #ygkc recognizes a pair of Gr 7 students for a skate donation program, Ongwanada resource centre, to the KRC. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:38 PM: No deferred motions this week, so we’re into the CAO Consent report. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:39 PM: Report clears, we move into the CAO Recommend. Both clear quickly, no discussion. Includes an increased budget for Artillery Park. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:40 PM: Heritage Cmtee report passes in whole with no discussion, too. We’re breezing along. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:41 PM: Municipal Accessibility Report is tabled, which is a multi-year Accessibility Plan for 2013-2017. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:42 PM: Coun. Downes is asking about provisions within the rpt for Accessible Taxis. Says they aren’t specifically addressed in the rpt. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:43 PM: Coun. Downes is suggesting an overall fare increase per ride could be used to cover the costs of accessible taxis. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:45 PM: Coun. Downes adds that he hopes that the Taxi Commission can work through it and charge everyone evenly to cover these costs. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:46 PM: @councillorberg, who sits on the Taxi Commission, comments on the recent meeting. Says this report came up at the meeting. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:47 PM: She adds that the Commission has been working with all transportation providers to find a funding model. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:47 PM: @councillorberg also adds that the goal is to have the city’s first accessible taxi on the road by the end of 2013. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:49 PM: @JimbNeill3 mentions concerns over a two-tier fee schedule, casing people with disabilities to pay more. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:50 PM: @MayorOfKingston comments that the Taxi Com. isn’t run by the city, it stands as it’s own entity. 4/6 are members of the public. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:51 PM: @MayorOfKingston says he is concerned about fare raises – particularly for those who take taxis regularly for everyday errands. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:53 PM: Coun. Hutchison asks if the city is req by the Disabilities Act to offer them. Staff says they are req’d to show progress by 2015. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:53 PM: Coun. Hutchison asks about legalities of charging more. Staff confirms that they aren’t allowed to charge more for these cabs. #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:54 PM: Report passes, and we move to the Senior’s Advisory Committee report. The report starts with a briefing on Age-Friendly Kingston #ygkc ^TV
  • 8:58 PM: Final report to create an Age-Friendly city contains 58 recommendations. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:07 PM: Four key themes: Want to be active in the community know whats going on and where to get help, be respected, and stay in own home. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:08 PM: You can read the full report on how #ygk can become an Age-Friendly city at http://t.co/f9cnfp8P. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:10 PM: Briefing wraps up, and we hear Q&A starting with Coun. Scott asking about concentration of seniors in fmr Pitts Twp. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:11 PM: Staff comments that they heard that there were suggestions about more services in the east. Few rural participants came to study. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:12 PM: Coun. Schell comments to thank the speakers and staff. Comments that all participants in study were full of ideas and energetic. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:13 PM: Question from Coun. Hutchison about the percentage of homes classified as low income. Feels they’re low compared to other studies #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:14 PM: Seriously looking at battery life on laptop and phone – likely not making it to the end of the meeting. ^TV
  • 9:16 PM: Coun. Hutchison asks about where the median is. Staff says they can provide that, but data is from 2006 census. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:17 PM: @DorothyAHector asks about the plans to ensure services can continue to be provided in-home. Staff says rpt didn’t go into detail #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:18 PM: They add that the caregiving demographics of informal caregivers has shifted. Baby boomers are taking care of seniors. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:20 PM: Stage one report passes, and council approves the creation of an age-friendly advisory committee. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:21 PM: @MayorOfKingston recognizes an RMC politics professor here with some of his class. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:22 PM: We pass through Com. of the Whole, and we hear from the CAO on the priority matrix, specifically for Q4 2012. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:23 PM: CAO says 62/68 initial plans for Q4 and 25/28 addid and carryover were completed or started in the quarter. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:24 PM: We hear next from Com. Hurdle on reductions to childcare funding announced by the province. 500k decrease starts this year. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:26 PM: Hurdle says that research and plans will come to council in the next month. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:27 PM: Anticipates a status quo year this year. Changes would start in 2014. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:28 PM: Osanic asks about money the province is passing along, 1M total in one time funding. Hurdle says that the money will help. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:29 PM: Coun Hutchinson asks when the meeting with providers will take place. Hurdle says a date hasn’t been set. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:31 PM: Coun Neill asks about PARC, specifically asks that they keep the results in mind as plans evolve. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:33 PM: Council accepts resignations from two committee members, and we move to a new motion. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:34 PM: New motion would accept the final report from the Mayor’s task force on development, pass it to staff and be disbanded. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:36 PM: Question from Coun Hutchinson about transparency on meetings. Wants clarification on if they will be public. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:37 PM: Com Beach says that clarification meetings likely would not be, but policy change meetings would. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:40 PM: CAO clarifies that there is no intent to change policy right now. Report has just been received, will return with feedback. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:43 PM: Coun Osanic asks about the IT suggestions. CAO says that the research was to find more efficient systems and best practices. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:45 PM: Coun Osanic asks how many of the initiatives were already under way. CAO says some would have been. Unsure of number. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:46 PM: Osanic asks how much of its 100k budget was used. CAO says appx 80k. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:49 PM: Coun Schell asks about how changes impact heritage committee. Comm Beach says that they are already working with the committee. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:51 PM: CAO says that council feedback is still encouraged, but requests time to review the report. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:53 PM: @JimNeill3 “mea culpas” his initial reservations about the committee. Adds that some developer requests weren’t feasible. #ygkc ^TV
  • 9:55 PM: Coun Glover says he is in support of this going to staff, emphasizes that staff highlight the items not supported by staff. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:00 PM: Coun Patterson (task force vice chair) comments that the group was neutral. Wasn’t set to lobby the city side or development side. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:03 PM: Coun George speaks to thank @mayorofkingston and the task force as a whole along with participants from the public and staff. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:06 PM: Coun George comments that there is overlap between the task force and staff. Some of the suggestions were approved in the budget. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:08 PM: Recorded vote request from Coun George. I’m not on my laptop, so I don’t have my counter. I’ll do what I can. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:10 PM: @mayorofkingston speaks that he doesn’t like dividing “developers” and “public interest”. They can work together. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:14 PM: Easy recorded vote. Unanimous. #rv #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:15 PM: We move to a motion to ask staff to start the naming process for highways 2, 15 and 38. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:17 PM: Jokes from @mayorofkingston and council about potential names. Coun Downes comments on this not being among the priorities. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:20 PM: Downes says the motion goes against the goal of 2.5 pct taxes based on costs of adding a project outside of strat plan. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:23 PM: Coun Reitzel comments that residents have already come forward. Says the item shouldn’t need strat plan. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:27 PM: @mayorofkingston asks staff about costs, and they don’t have a num. @JimNeill3 comments that he’s seeing some public mtg fatigue. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:30 PM: @dorothyahector not supporting the motion, in part because bylaw one says this needs to go to a committee. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:32 PM: And @dorothyahector calls it out of order. @mayorofkingston is reviewing the bylaw. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:34 PM: Mayor rules that it is in order. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:37 PM: @dorothyahector restates that she is not in support. Coun Downes calls a point of order, which it isn’t. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:40 PM: Coun George supports the item, confirms with staff that public meetings are required. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:44 PM: Coun Hutchinson supports the motion. Confirms through @mayorofkingston to the clerk that this item is in the right place. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:45 PM: @mayorofkingston supports the motion. So do residents in #ygkeast. Also, my battery is near dead. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:47 PM: Item passes 11-2. One motion left. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:48 PM: Last motion, an award nomination, passes. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:50 PM: Notice of motion on Rideau Canal fees presented by Coun Scott. #ygkc ^TV
  • 10:51 PM: Minutes pass bylaws pass. Adjourned. 1051pm. #ygkc ^TV

Thanks to reneilet for today’s original photo.

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