Central Public School, ca. 1900

Central Public School, Kingston, Ontario

Queen’s University Archives, Kingston Picture Collection V23 PuB-Cen-2

September is upon us. The start of another unofficial ‘new year’ means that summer vacations are over, the cottage begins to close up, new clothes and supplies are purchased. Excitement and anticipation are in the air; friendships are renewed, or begun; and at recess, games involving physical activity are underway. Such was certainly the case during one September in the 1890s at Central Public School, located (and still is) on the south side of Sydenham Street, just above Queen. The anonymous photographer has captured a group of teachers keeping a wary eye on their charges, while one little girl is counting down prior to turning around to seek those in hiding, especially a young chum who is seen behind the fence, while another is captured in mid-flight jumping over the fence! Ah, to be young and at school again, at the beginning of a new year!

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