Kingstonist’s Challenge #117: Embrace Winter


Welcome to Kingstonist’s weekly challenge, dare, resolution or whatever you prefer to call it. Each week we establish a new and ambitious community goal, encouraging our readers, followers, friends and families to step out of their comfort zones and do something great, and hopefully a little out of the ordinary. Consider this your official and […]

Weekly Poll: Kingston’s Favourite Gym


The number one New Years resolution, according The University of Scranton, is to lose weight, with staying fit and healthy ranking at number five.  Considering this, I think it’s fair to say that a lot of you reading this made similar promises to yourselves four weeks ago.  Maybe you’ve chosen to follow through by dusting […]

Top Five Things to See and Do in Winter 2014


While some may argue that hibernating is the only thing to do in Kingston during winter months, our latest installment of the top five things to see and do proves otherwise.  As someone who truly hates turning into a human-popsicle when I step outside, I can certainly sympathize with folks who prefer to stay indoors […]

Weekly Poll: Most Anticipated Winter Events in Kingston


2013 concluded in dramatic fashion in Kingston as a segment of Williamsville was devastated by a massive fire, and then Limestone City was forced to endure a cataclysmic ice storm that rivaled the 1998 version in terms of city-wide damage. The aftermath is glaringly apparent two weeks later with impassable sidewalks, downed trees, as well […]

Best of 2013: What it’s like to “dye” running at Fort Henry


As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, not much changes from year to year at Fort Henry, and for good reason. But 2013 was markedly different as the Fort received a host of upgrades which re-imagined the national historic site, giving tourists and Kingstonians alike even more reason to make the trip up the hill. The […]

Caroling Canadians


These lovely drawings of sleighs come from the Severus William Lynam Stretton journal, 1818-1843. In the 1820’s Stretton remarked that: “Carioling [sledding] is the chief amusement of the Canadians during the winter which usually last about seven months – no matter however severe – prevents them from taking this delightful exercise.” The journal contains roughly […]

Peddling into a Smart City


With only one month before the winter parking ban sets in, Kingstonians alike are on the lookout to lock down available parking spots. With approximately 3,7000 parking spaces available downtown in conjunction with 1,400 street side metered parking spaces, it’s no wonder why our city with over 115,000 civilians are willing to pay big bucks […]

Weekly Poll: KP Re-Imagined as a World-Class Sailing Facility


The decision to close Kingston Penitentiary was undeniably the Limestone City’s biggest and most controversial headline of 2012.  The initial announcement was met with a flood of disappointment and skepticism as Kingstonians challenged Ottawa to demonstrate how the closure of Canada’s oldest prison would result in savings for tax payers, and wondered how it would […]

Top Five Things to See and Do in Fall 2013


We’re now into the second week of Fall and have already witnessed a handful of significant seasonal events come and go.  Hard to miss extravaganzas such as Writersfest, Run or Dye, Chili Fest and one half of the reinstated Queen’s Homecoming are now part of the history books, but that doesn’t mean the months ahead […]