Best of 2013: What it’s like to “dye” running at Fort Henry


As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, not much changes from year to year at Fort Henry, and for good reason. But 2013 was markedly different as the Fort received a host of upgrades which re-imagined the national historic site, giving tourists and Kingstonians alike even more reason to make the trip up the hill. The […]

Caroling Canadians


These lovely drawings of sleighs come from the Severus William Lynam Stretton journal, 1818-1843. In the 1820’s Stretton remarked that: “Carioling [sledding] is the chief amusement of the Canadians during the winter which usually last about seven months – no matter however severe – prevents them from taking this delightful exercise.” The journal contains roughly […]

Peddling into a Smart City


With only one month before the winter parking ban sets in, Kingstonians alike are on the lookout to lock down available parking spots. With approximately 3,7000 parking spaces available downtown in conjunction with 1,400 street side metered parking spaces, it’s no wonder why our city with over 115,000 civilians are willing to pay big bucks […]

Weekly Poll: KP Re-Imagined as a World-Class Sailing Facility


The decision to close Kingston Penitentiary was undeniably the Limestone City’s biggest and most controversial headline of 2012.  The initial announcement was met with a flood of disappointment and skepticism as Kingstonians challenged Ottawa to demonstrate how the closure of Canada’s oldest prison would result in savings for tax payers, and wondered how it would […]

Top Five Things to See and Do in Fall 2013


We’re now into the second week of Fall and have already witnessed a handful of significant seasonal events come and go.  Hard to miss extravaganzas such as Writersfest, Run or Dye, Chili Fest and one half of the reinstated Queen’s Homecoming are now part of the history books, but that doesn’t mean the months ahead […]

What it’s like to “dye” running at Fort Henry


Clouds of pink, yellow, orange, and purple are lofted into the air as Top 40 dance songs are blared over a pulsing crowd. Smiling faces are speckled with neon streaks. All manner of silly dress – tutus, goggles, onesies, wedding dresses – are on full technicolour display. Such is the scene of last Saturday’s “Run […]

Weekly Poll: Most Anticipated Fall Events


Today we’re celebrating Labour Day, which coincides with the return of post-secondary students, last minute preparations for the first day of school, and a great opportunity to tend to last minute, summery pursuits.  While we’re looking ahead to the best fall events Kingston has to offer, keep in mind we’ve still got nearly three weeks […]

Queen’s Football, 1923


Football has been a tradition at Queen’s since the 1870’s, when informal “Association matches of football (soccer) with catching” were played. In 1886, rugby football was introduced (a precursor to both modern rugby and football), with the crucial element of forward passing not being added to football proper in 1930. The above photo captured Queen’s […]

Opening Ceremony for CORK, 1969


This photograph was taken by Bill Baird on August 24th, 1969. The occasion was the opening ceremony for the Canadian Olympic-training Regatta Kingston (CORK). With the opening gun fired and the CORK flag hoisted the regatta was underway. The waters off of Kingston’s shore offer some of the best fresh-water sailing in the world and […]