Prince of Wales, 1860

154 years, 2 weeks and 1 day. On September 17th, 1860 this photograph of the Prince of Wales (and apparently his “Suit”, which receives its own billing in the description of the photograph engraved on the left) was taken during a royal tour to Niagara Falls. The style of photograph is a stereoscopic view. This particular example is on a glass slide, not the more common … [Read More...]


The Closing of St. Joseph’s/St. Mary’s: The Red Brick Schoolhouse

There is an unpretentious building at the corner of Brock and Napier Streets. It’s a small, red brick schoolhouse, which offers classes to elementary-grade children. The history of this building is gentle and happy and, as with all things … [Read More...]


Six Questions with Alison Migneault from Kingston Animal Rescue

Love comes in all sizes. This is something that I have learned and experienced over the last few years through my involvement with a local animal rescue: Kingston Animal Rescue. I'd always considered myself a "dog person," so when I was … [Read More...]


Weekly Poll: Best Sushi in Kingston

It seems like every time I turn around, there's a new sushi restaurant popping up in Kingston.  We have visited quite a few and reviewed most, but it's difficult to keep up with them all.  This makes it challenging to figure out which ones … [Read More...]


Top Five Things to See and Do in Fall 2014

Fall is the season where we begrudgingly bid farewell to endless holidays, sunshine, and the city's busiest season for spectacular events. Now, the students are back, tourists have migrated to warmer climates and we're all guessing just how … [Read More...]


Kingstonist’s Challenge #147: Make a Difference in Your Community

Welcome to Kingstonist’s weekly challenge, dare, resolution or whatever you prefer to call it. Each week we establish a new and ambitious community goal, encouraging our readers, followers, friends and families to step out of their comfort … [Read More...]